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Aircraft guide

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Boarding Procedures

Boarding Procedure Proceed to the departure are upon arrival at the airport. The carts are free for everyone. You can find them at the airport bus stations and other places. Proceed to the check-in counter and submit your passport and ticket, or e-ticket. After sending the baggage, your passport will be returned to you together with boarding pass and baggage tag. Some countries accept airport fees only with their currencies. You are encouraged to keep some local currency for this fee.

Military service and Quarantine You must report to the military office or quarantine before travel. Everyone older than 25 and yet to complete the military service are required to apply for the permit to fly to the foreign countries at the Incheon airport military office. You may do this in advance through internet. At the quarantine, you can ask for a quarantine certificate for travelers, animals, and plants. This is very important as the arrival country may demand for the certificate. You are encouraged to accomplish the quarantine process before check-in for quick boarding.

Gate and Customs You are required to present your passport and boarding pass to the crew upon entering the gate. Any expensive items and/or items prohibited for entry must be reported to the customs. Carrying any unallowed items not reported may result disadvantage for the entry. You must report to the customs if you are carrying cash more than 10,000 USD. If you have any expensive items that you wish to use during the travel and carry back at return, you must report to the customs and apply for certificate to avail tax-free.

Security Checks Security checks is the process of checking the passenger for carrying dangerous or risky items. The process of security checks start from placing coats, shoes, belts, bags, cameras, mobile phones, coins, keys, and any other metal objects on the tray provided. Laptops must be put out from the bag and placed on the tray. There are times that laptops are asked for individual checks. Any liquids must be less than 1 liter of amount, put on the bottle less than capacity of 100mm, and sealed in the plastic bag. Pass through x-ray check metal detector while holding your passport and boarding pass. warning siren and staff will approach you for specific checking with the stick. You may remain standing with your arms raised. Any items not allowed in the airplane must be included in the baggage. Strict observation is recommended as some countries and their airport regulations prohibit carrying of knives, cameras, power banks, camera stands, and nail cutters. MLIT of South Korea does not prohibit entry of camera stands inside the airplane, but it may differ depending on the airport of departure. Sometimes, security checks may demand you to take off your shoes and belts. It may vary every time as the security check process is strengthened depending on the threat of terrorism and corresponding airport security level. Airport security level consists of 5 levels in pyramid form. It stays at attention state normally, but may increase which causes security checks to take longer. It is recommended to arrive at the airport with enough time before boarding.

Immigration Immigration process checks for your qualification to enter or leave the country. At first, you will fall in line in front of the immigration office and wait for your turn. Submit your passport and boarding pass. The officer will ask few simple questions, and will return your passport and boarding pass with stamp. If you are leave a foreign country, you must submit the departure form which you filled in upon entry. Pass through the immigration office.

Boarding Check your boarding pass for gate and seat numbers. Present your boarding pass and passport as the crews guide you to the plane.


Please keep in mind that the airport process may differ depending on the airport.

Passenger with special needs

  • Passengers with infants

    referred to those less than 24 months old, while Children are those between 24 months and 12 years old. Infants must be carried by guardian during the flight. Only infants of 14 days old (for international flights) and 7 days old (for domestic flights) are applicable.
  • Pregnant Passengers (possibility of flight during pregnancy)

    Pregnant for less than 32 weeks: applicable for flight with no limit. However, any pregnant passengers with complicated symptom such as high-blood pressure and diabetes are required to show medical certificate upon check-in to prove their health condition. Pregnant for 32-37 weeks: applicable for flight with limited condition. The passengers are required to submit health pledge upon chick-in (please refer to below for documents). Pregnant for more than 37 weeks (33 weeks for multiple births): not applicable for the health of passenger and the baby. Different conditions will be applied for multiple birth, according to the IATA Medical Guideline.

    Required document for pregnant passengers

    1 copy of Medical Certificate

    Certificate must be published and signed by appropriate doctor within 7 days from the return date Medical certificate must indicate the suitability of passenger for flight and expected date of delivery. Ex.) passenger with medical certificate published on July 3
    : Departure on July 4 ICN-HKG flight is possible (document still within valid date). Return on July 11 HKG-ICN flight is impossible (document expired)


    Document will be provided by the company to be filled in by the passenger.
  • Passengers with reduced mobility

    Passengers with reduced mobility are applicable for free rent of wheelchair. If you need wheelchair, please indicate on the note section upon reserving the ticket.